Lifetime Warranty

Workmanship Lifetime Warranty:

The INSTALLATION of mobile electronics and other product into your vehicle is as important as the product itself. Properly installed equipment ensures that the equipment will function correctly, look good, and not cause damage to the vehicle or void the vehicle’s factory warranty.
Action Fleet installation technicians receive extensive training and obtain certifications to properly install mobile electronics equipment into vehicles. The technicians use only approved, authorized parts and procedures in the completion of your installation.
Action Fleet is so confident our installation technicians have the expertise to perform their job in a proper manner that we warrant the labor of your installation for the life of your vehicle.

Important note: Action Fleet should be contacted first when any of the electrical or electronic components of your vehicle appear to malfunction including factory installed equipment. This Warranty does not cover modifications to your vehicle performed by others or additional parts installed by others.

Parts Warranty:

Acton Fleet is an authorized factory service or warranty facility for many manufacturers. Each manufacturer has a warranty period for their product. During the manufacturer’s warranty period, the obligation of each manufacturer is limited to repairing or replacing a faulty product. Some manufacturers may elect to compensate Action Fleet for the replacement or repair of any part or parts found to be defective as the result of a defect in material and/or workmanship. Each manufacturer will provide warranty or service for any unit that is delivered prepaid to the factory or designated authorized warranty service center when examination reveals a defect in material and/or workmanship.

What Is Not Covered:

This warranty does not cover travel expenses, the cost of specialized equipment for gaining access to the product, or labor charges for removal and re-installation of warranted product. Domes & lenses, lamps, tubes, or batteries are not covered under warranty. This warranty does not extend to any unit that has been subjected to abuse, misuse, improper installation by others, or which has been inadequately maintained, or damaged as a result of contact with incompatible chemicals or cleaning materials, or to units that have problems relating to services or modifications accomplished at any facility other than Action Fleet.